Michelin i-SPY Guides - i-SPY Dinosaurs - 9782067188334

Michelin i-SPY Guides - i-SPY Dinosaurs

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Over 70 species of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, including fishes, amphibians and mammals that punctuated life on earth across 500 million years from the early Triassic to the late Cretaceous. From the giant Diplodocus to the terrifying Tyrannosaurus, each dinosaur in this book is illustrated with a colour photograph accompanied with a short and factual description.

Designed to stimulate children's observational skills, these activity and educational guides make learning fun and more enjoyable.

Each i-SPY Guide is arranged in thematic colour-coded sections, to help your i-SPYing activity featuring:
- Many colour photos and illustration
- A short and lively factual description about each entry, with tips on where best to i-SPY.
- Points to score

Every time you score 1000 points in an i-SPY book, you can apply for a certificate to celebrate your achievement!
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