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Magical Topics - LITTLE WIZARD ENGLISH 3 4

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This innovative series will help your child to learn and practice essential English skills. Fun, magical characters and fantastic illustrations are combined with easy step-by-step activities, to encourage important early learning.

Reward stickers at the end of each section give your child additional motivation and encouragement, and accompanying parents’ notes explain the educational content of each activity.


Snaky s and amazing a

Perfect p and itchy i

Naughty n and ticklish t

Easy e and odd o

Beautiful b and lovely l

Curly c and giggling g

Wizarding fun

Tricky tall letters k, d and h

Rude r and messy m

Ugly u and yucky y

Jumping j and funny f

Wonderful w and v

Exciting x, z and q

Wizarding fun


My first little wizard spell
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