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Collins First School Dictionary : Trusted support for learning

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An ideal introduction to the world of words for children aged 5 and above. The clear definitions and simple examples, together with the colourful illustrations help make learning easy, memorable, and fun.

This book offers children an easy way to find out the meanings of everyday words, as well as providing support in spelling, grammar and punctuation in preparation for school tests. With the alphabet at the edge of every page, and each letter a different colour, it is easy for children to learn how to recognise different letters, look up the meanings of words, and find out how to spell them.

The illustrations make the dictionary fun and appealing, allowing children to understand what words mean, while example sentences show how the words can be used. The simple grammatical labels provided introduce children to different word groups, all of which are clearly explained in the introduction to the dictionary.

Simple, fun and easy-to-use, this is perfect for any child’s first school dictionary.
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