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New GCSE Maths - Workbook 2: AQA Modular

Key Stage 4/GCSE/Ages 14-16
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Collins New GCSE Maths AQA Modular Workbook 2 provides ideal support for students to make a smooth transition from KS3 to KS4. These are a suitable resource for students working at Grades F and G to ensure a solid foundation in GCSE Maths. The workbooks offer a write-in format and provide hundreds of questions including application questions.

The Workbook allows students to:
• Understand application of maths in real-life scenarios by working through the Application sections which cover Functional Skills Level 1
• Prepare for exams using the exam questions at the end of each chapter
• Apply problem-solving and functional skills in wider real-world contexts
• Have access to personalised learning with the clear write-in format
• Practise basic maths concepts to consolidate learning with hundreds of maths questions at the right grade
• Check progress with student-friendly learning objectives
• Easily remember important vocabulary using keywords
• Understand step-by-step workings using the worked examples
• Access answers at the back in a handy, detachable section to aid self assessment

Content covered in this book:
• Recall
• Unit 3

For Units 1 and 2, and Core content for all three units you will need AQA Modular Workbook 1(9780007340057)
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