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Collins AS and A2 Science - A2 Chemistry for AQA

Peter Harwood, Edited by Janice Perkins
A Level/Ages 16 and above
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Collins A2 Chemistry for AQA is the ideal resource to support you through the 2008 AQA GCE course. It has been developed with the help of AQA examiners to ensure a perfect match to the 2008 specification and provides everything you need to succeed in your exam.

This book covers AQA Chemistry A2 units:
Unit 4 - Kinetics, Equilibria and Organic Chemistry
Unit 5 - Energetics, Redox and Inorganic Chemistry

The book includes the following features:

• How Science Works feature boxes and assignments

• Real world science in context at the start of every chapter

• Questions throughout the text, with answers provided in the back of the book

• Key fact summaries throughout the text

• Stretch and challenge boxes to push the most able students

• Exam-style questions at the end of every chapter

The website includes the following additional support material:

• Mark schemes for exam-style questions from the book

• Sample student answers to exam-style questions at 2 levels with examiner comments to show students how to achieve a higher grade

• Guidance for PSAs to help students to achieve the best grades in their practical assessments

• Mathematical and examination technique guidance to ensure that students know how to best prepare for and handle their exams.

Also available:
Collins AS Chemistry for AQA covering:
Unit 1 - Foundation Chemistry
Unit 2 - Chemistry in Action
Reviews of previous edition:

“Chemistry A2 is a full colour textbook designed for use with students studying for the new A2 componant of Curriculum 2000 in Chemistry (AQA Board). This book provides more than the bare minimum allowing the student to develop a full rounded interest and understanding in the subject. Chemistry A2 is written by examiners and thus matches perfectly the AQA syllabus.”

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