• Good News Gospels (2) - Mark’s Gospel: Good News Bible (GNB) [Revised edition] - 9780007193509
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Good News Gospels (2) - Mark’s Gospel: Good News Bible (GNB) [Revised edition]

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The Gospel of St. Mark, taken from the bestselling Good News Bible, in a portable paperback edition available in packs of 10 copies for church, school and evangelistic use.

This Gospel Mark presents Jesus as a man of action and authority.

Jesus’s authority is witnessed through his teaching, his power over demons, and his forgiveness of sins.

The Gospel According to St. Mark focusses much more on what Jesus did rather than his words or teachings. This Gospel also includes a brief prologue about John the Baptist, and the baptism and temptation of Jesus, before describing in detail the ministry of Jesus’s healing.

In a handy, pocket-sized form, these gospels are ideal for use in schools, churches and for evangelistic events.
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