• Collins Big Cat - The Wind: Band 03/Yellow - 9780007185771
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Collins Big Cat - The Wind: Band 03/Yellow

Monica Hughes, Series edited by Cliff Moon, Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat
Key Stage 1/Ages 5-7
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What can the wind blow? A collection of colourful photographs show how the wind can blow a kite, boats, leaves, seeds, windmills,sand, snow and sea. The report also shows how strong wind can be destructive blowing trees and even houses down.

• Yellow/Band 3 books offer varied sentence structure and natural language.

• Text types - A non-chronological report.

• A chart on pages 14 and 15 draw a comparison between light and strong winds giving children the opportunity to discuss wind and its effects.

• Curriculum links - Science: pushes and pulls; Geography: our local area.

• This book is paired with a story on the same theme: The New Kite by Julie Sykes.

• This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery
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