Maths Amnesty!

We answer all of your most burning questions about teaching the new Maths GCSE; from how best to engage students, to dealing with changes to the grading system. We’ll also answer any of those questions you’ve never dared to ask before! Be it a tricky topic you’ve always struggled with, or a new topic you’ve never had to teach before, our maths expert is on hand to help!

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  • There are a large number of new topics that Foundation Tier students must be taught – what are your views on this change?

  • What advice do you have for improving student engagement in GCSE Maths?

  • How can I cope with the challenge of marking so many books on a regular basis?

  • Do you have any suggestions of how to support students with their problem solving skills? Considering that more weight will be given to these questions and answers?

  • The volume of content in the new GCSE is increasing, what advice do you have of the best ways to tackle this change?

  • What suggestions do you have of how to challenge the most able students in my class?

  • What do you feel is the ideal length for a maths lesson at GCSE level?

  • Do you think it will be possible to fit in teaching the Statistics GCSE alongside the new Maths GCSE?

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