Engage all students in 19th Century literature

Teacher and writer Naomi Hursthouse will share her expert advice and tips on how to get all students - of both genders and all abilities - enthused and engaged with the nineteenth century texts on our Freedom to Teach blog.

By: Naomi Hursthouse, who has been teaching in West Sussex for ten years and is currently the Head of English at Ormiston Six Villages Academy. Venue: freedomtoteach.collins.co.uk

Transitioning from KS3 to GCSE English

Our series author Mike Gould will shed light on how to support students transitioning from KS3 to GCSE in an exclusive blog post.

By: Mike Gould, a former Head of English and Senior Lecturer in Education who has written over 150 books and digital resources for students and teachers. Venue: freedomtoteach.collins.co.uk

Back to Basics with the AQA GCSE English Series Editors

Get up to speed with teaching the new specification in insightful videos from expert teachers and series editors Jo Heathcote and Sarah Darragh. Videos include:

- What is new in the 2015 GCSE Specifications?
- Timeline for 2015 GCSE English changes
- NEW AQA GCSE English Language and English Literature resources from Collins
- What is different about the Collins GCSE series?
- What are the components in the Collins GCSE series?

By: Jo Heathcote, a highly experienced English Language and Literature classroom practitioner and a GCSE assessment expert. By: Sarah Darragh, who has worked in English education and assessment for over twenty years, and is an experienced teacher, trainer and writer. Venue: youtube.com/collins

Collins Dictionary & 4th Estate special guest appearance

Will in the Words - Collins Dictionary's insightful blog post of Shakespearean words in usage today.


4th Estate's Erik Didriksen, author of Pop Sonnets, writes an exclusive blog post for Freedom to Teach and lesson plan!

Venue: freedomtoteach.collins.co.uk

"Who said it?" join us on twitter for a friendly quiz of Who said it? Gaga or Shakespeare? Followed by a chance to WIN A CLASS SET of Erik Didriksen's new book Pop Sonnets.

Venue: www.twitter.com/FreedomtoTeach

Assessment and tracking progress

Our Freedom to Teach blog will feature a blog post on assessment and how to track progress in the new 2015 specification.
Venue: freedomtoteach.collins.co.uk

Twitter chat hosted by @UKEdChat #EnglishFest15

Join our Twitter chat hosted by @UKEdChat #EnglishFest15, at 8pm for the latest discussion on teaching the 2015 GCSE English specification. Tune in to discuss questions such as:

- How do you get students engaged in 19th century literature?
- What are your ideas for monitoring students’ progress now that coursework has gone?
- How would you introduce GCSE material at Year 9?
- What are your practical tips for delivering the new GCSE course?
- What’s the best way to prepare students for the new linear assessment?

Venue: www.twitter.com/FreedomtoTeach

Round up of the festival - what did you miss?

We will round up everything you missed from the English Festival on our Freedom to Teach blog.

Venue: freedomtoteach.collins.co.uk