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Collins is not just a publishing business but also a growing content solutions business. Where an off–the-shelf licensed product isn’t appropriate, Collins has the tools and expertise to build something to your specifications.

Collins employs leading experts in content development, whether that’s cartographers, computational linguists, lexicographers, managing editors, designers, digital product developers or publishers experienced in trade and educational product development.  Skilled business development professionals manage our partner relationships and we offer a fast, efficient and collaborative service approach. 

We supply content in a range of digital formats including industry-standard XML; typeset files; print-ready PDFs, raster data or in whichever digital format you need.

Collins increasingly develops content in multimedia formats including, images, audio, video and can now also offer platform development services.

With experience of working with leading brand names worldwide, Collins can enhance your proposition in a cost-effective and time efficient manner.

Here are examples of the opportunities for dictionary and translation companies:

  • Monolingual and bilingual dictionary dataset development to complement your existing processes
  • New words and comprehensive dictionary entries to keep your dictionary datasets up-to-date
  • Lists of words grouped by frequency of usage and morphology (i.e., lemmatisation and frequency lists)
  • Human audio in multiple languages with additional content development on request
  • Language learning products for English and languages other than English that combine text, audio and video
  • Content for young learners

Below are examples of the opportunities for businesses interested in mapping and statistics:


  • Geopolitical information in whichever field you need to be kept up-to-date and informed about – research papers and newsfeeds
  • Bespoke mapping


  • Educational content mapped to local curriculums
  • Corpus development

Corpus opportunities

At the heart of the Collins business is our 4.5-billion word corpus of the English language, the first to be pioneered in the 1980s and now the biggest of its kind in the world. The Collins corpus keeps track of new words, language trends and usage by constantly monitoring newspapers, online articles, everyday speech, reports and presentations. As part of News Corp., Collins has unique access to all international media content ensuring that our content represents real-time, global English. The Collins Corpus for Linguistic Research provides objective evidence about the English which most people read, write, speak and hear every day of their lives. This ground-breaking initiative opens up exciting new opportunities in language analysis for commercial language research.

Collins can bring its corpus development and analysis skills to your business. For further information please contact

Academic research

As a publishing house committed to innovation and improvement in language technology, we have special terms for academic use. If you would like to license Collins material for academic research within a University research group, please contact us, giving full details of your affiliation, what the data will be used for, the nature of the research and how many people will require access to it. An annual fee will apply and you will be required to sign an agreement regarding usage.

Digital Product Creation

Collins is a multi-platform business. We provide digital platforms to schools delivering access to ebooks, video and teaching materials as well as digital products sold to academic and research communities and bespoke digital content development (such as language learning videos) for third-party websites. We are proud to have a world-leading free dictionary website in which delivers a cutting edge and visually engaging site for language lovers. 

Collins can deliver and host websites to reflect your own branding, together with supporting multimedia whether you require a SEO-optimised dictionary site in localised English, Spanish, French and German or an online tool to search, collate and visually represent statistical data through maps and charts. 

To find out how Collins can help your digital product developments please contact


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