Collins Big Cat Curriculum Collections

Teach the new curriculum with Collins Big Cat matched to the English Programme of Study, as well as the programmes of study for Science, History and Geography. Collins Big Cat Curriculum Collections include fiction and non-fiction and a wide range of text types that will inspire your pupils.

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Collins Big Cat Inform

Over 200 of our best non-fiction books including all of books in the Science, Animals, Sport, Geography and History Collections plus a range of other non-fiction titles covering key topics.

  • Book 1

    Collins Big Cat Inform Science

    58 books matched to a wide range of science curriculum topics

  • Book 2

    Collins Big Cat Inform Geography

    38 books covering a range of human and physical geography topics

  • Book 3

    Collins Big Cat Inform History

    48 books matched to a range of British and world history

  • Book 4

    Collins Big Cat Inform Sport

    18 books covering a range of sports and sports heroes

  • Book 5

    Collins Big Cat Inform Animals

    35 books covering a range of human and physical geography topics

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  • Book 6

    Collins Big Cat Tales

    Learn about traditions and culture in the UK and around the world

  • Book 7

    Collins Big Cat Perform

    The new home of our large selection of poetry and plays

  • Book 8

    Collins Big Cat Classics

    Develop pupils' knowledge of our literary heritage

  • Book 9

    Collins Big Cat Shakespeare

    The perfect introduction to the Bard an his works

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Collins Big Cat Collections to support
your reading programme

  • Book 10

    Collins Big Cat
    Reading Recovery

    A collection of Collins Big Cat books matched to Reading Recovery

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  • Book 11

    Collins Big Cat
    Accelerated Reader

    Over 300 Collins Big Cat books quizzed for Accelerated Reader in one collection of books

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