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  • Around the World
  • At the Dump
  • In the Garden
  • It Cold Dark Night
  • My Bike Ride
  • Playing Story
  • The Farmers Lunch
  • The Steam Train
“I have just downloaded the entire series because this one was so good. The story alone is great for my 4yr old to listen to and try to read but the story creator makes this an even greater app. Then there’s the English narration which is a HUGE plus. And finally… all for free? What more could we ask for a pre-reader” - The Steam Train
Great books with lovely illustrations and hidden interaction.These are great books, can’t believe they are free! More please!!! - The Steam Train
I would recommend this to everyone!!! It’s fun, interactive and the create your own story part is great and my son loved recording his voice telling his own story! - Around the World