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The guided reading programme featuring over 600 books and 300 ebooks and contains an equal mix of fiction and non-fiction. Your pupils will love reading with Collins Big Cat.

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  • Practice Book 1
  • Practice Book 2
  • Practice Book 3
  • Practice Book 4
  • Practice Book 6
  • Use Collins Big Cat for guided reading. Every Collins Big Cat book features a bespoke guided reading session plan in the back of the book, written by a literacy expert.
  • Help deliver the 2014 English Programme of Study and inspire your pupils with a wide range of text types including poetry, plays, traditional tales and literary classics.
  • Engage readers of all abilities and interests. From Lilac band containing wordless pictures for emerging readers; through to Pearl band – extended books for your gifted readers.
  • Inspire a love of reading through the best authors and illustrators who are known for creating brilliant books and engaging stories loved by children.

Find out how Collins Big Cat supports teaching of the National Curriculum 2014

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