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Primary Spanish

Resources for Primary Spanish

Primary and Secondary Atlases

Reference titles for Primary and Secondary Atlases

Primary Dictionaries and Thesaurus

Reference titles for Primary Dictionaries and Thesaurus

Collins Big Cat

Collins Big Cat

Must-read fiction and knock-out nonfiction for all reading bands

Social Studies

A content and activity-led social studies course set in contexts relevant to the Caribbean

Integrated Science

An activity-led integrated science course set in contexts relevant to the Caribbean

Workbooks for CSEC

Valuable activity books for CSEC Biology, Chemistry and Physics students

Economics for CAPE

A comprehensive textbook covering all aspects of the current CAPE Economics syllabus

CAPE Revision Guides

Crucial content and skills students need to master for success in CAPE Economics, Accounting and Management of Business

Advanced Mathematics and Science

Advanced Mathematics and Advanced Science resources

Secondary Readers and Dictionaries

Readers for Secondary students and Secondary Dictionaries

Secondary French and Spanish

Secondary French and Spanish resources

Collins Caribbean Schools Catalogue and Order Form

Download the full Caribbean Schools Catalogue and Order From

Sociology Themes and Perspectives

Ensure your teaching is as current as possible witht the 8th edition of this essential resource.

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