Collins Academic Skills Series: Lectures gives learners of English the skills they need to get more out of the lectures they attend at university, by improving preparation, understanding and note taking skills. *The Collins Academic Skills Series - winner of the ELTon 2014 Innovation in Learner Resources Award.*

Below you can listen to the complete lectures and full transcripts of the lectures used in the book.

Lecture 1 - click here for the audio transcript

 Lecture: Bill Gates and philanthrocapitalism

Lecturer: Jenny Skilos

Institution: Madison English as a Second Language School

Accent: American


Lecture 2 - click here for the audio transcript 

 Lecture: A brief overview of tsunamis

Lecturer: Professor Bruce D. Malamud

Institution: King’s College London

Accent: American (Midwest)


Lecture 3 - click here for the audio transcript

 Lecture: The Pursuit of Innovation

Lecturer: Professor Ammon Salter

Institution: Imperial College Business School

Accent: Canadian


Lecture 4 click here for the audio transcript 

 Lecture: The History of Universities in Western Europe

Lecturer: Dr Joanna Royle

Institution: The University of Glasgow

Accent: English


Lecture 5 click here for the audio transcript 

 Lecture: Learner Autonomy

Lecturer: Celia Wigley

Accent: English 

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