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Put the fun
into phonics!

Are you looking to invigorate your phonic lessons? Song of Sounds is a dynamic hands-on programme that meets the learning needs of your whole class – and puts the fun back into phonics.

What is Song of Sounds?

  • Multi-sensory with kinaesthetic, auditory and visual activities that reinforce skills through a variety of learning styles making it ideal for pupils with English as a second language
  • Song is integral to the programme to help children remember every phoneme, a highly active approach with whole-body actions and lots of games to aid learning
  • Carefully differentiated, contains support and challenge tips to cater for every child in the classroom
  • Bring phonics to life with a fresh, lively, hands-on approach to teaching phonics with engaging, interactive activities that reinforce learning
  • Created and developed in the classroom by teachers, Liz Webster and Sue Reed, whose school saw a 90% success rate in the 2015 screening check.

How does it Work?

Song of Sounds has a song at its heart(listen here!) t) that teaches children all of the phonemes necessary to read and write English successfully. Divided into three stages, (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2), the programme contains 80 weeks of inspiration. Each week has four short daily sessions and a longer consolidation session at the end of the week to put phonic skills into practice. A resource CD contains a software presentation to use throughout plus printable resources for the activities..

What does it contain?

The Song of Sounds carry case is a one-stop shop for all your phonic needs, and contains the following:

  • Audio CD
  • Teacher’s Handbook
  • Resource CD
  • Flashcards
  • Green words and sentence cards
  • Tricky word cards
  • Phoneme stars
  • Phoneme finder sheet
  • Lotto game
  • Classroom frieze

Phonics in 2014 Programme of Study

Evaluate Collins Big Cat Song of Sounds Click here to download a free copy of the evaulation pack