Inspire primary students worldwide with a wide range of stimulating texts to build literacy and language skills

Collins International Primary English* is a six-level, multi-component course for primary students worldwide, which has been carefully developed to meet the needs of teachers and students internationally.

It is a self-contained, cohesive course which develops reading, writing, speaking and listening skills at primary level.

Collins International Primary English includes:

  • 6 Student’s Books following a clear structure and progression through six levels
  • 6 Workbooks providing additional material and practice for reinforcement
  • 6 Teacher’s Guides with comprehensive and easy-to-use resources, including step-by-step lesson plans
  • A Digital Component, via Collins Connect, providing additional resources for teachers, audio and visual files of the reading texts and interactive exercises
* This resource is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations to support the full curriculum framework from 2018.