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Reading Assessment Tool

The most thorough and accurate way of assessing reading using online miscue tests

This efficient and time-saving programme measures children’s reading skills, accuracy and comprehension. It provides you with easy to view instant diagnostics using the built-in data capture and analytics functionality.

Assess your whole class in an hour, with instant access to the results and a clear plan for next steps. It takes around 2 minutes to assess each child using the tool which also provides you with instant access to the data analysis – with results on accuracy, pace and comprehension – by logging on to the Reading Assessment Centre online.

The tool allows you to create specific, targeted progression plans for each child to address/correct areas of weakness in reading. Periodic use will allow you to monitor progress and implement a plan to support improvement.

It includes a record function which stores children’s reading over a period of time, allowing you to review and log development.

Simple to use on any tablet, you can easily access and view individual child profiles, plus whole class or school data.


The tool analyses each child’s results and provides you with the evidence you will need to

  • Ensure progression
  • Support children’s reading skill development
  • Prepare for the phonics screening check
  • Set in place support strategies for children falling behind age-related expectations
  • Compile reports for parents, Ofsted and for child profiles

The Tool supports in-school summative assessment and enables you to ensure children are on track to meet their end of KS1 age related expectations.

The Reading Assessment Tool uses extracts from Collins Big Cat books – an equal mix of fiction and non-fiction, including decodable readers that follow the Institute of Education’s Book Bands for Guided Reading. The books used in the Tool are available in a set with a built in 20% discount.

How to access the Big Cat Reading Assessment Tool

Simply go to the app store and search for: Big Cat Reading Assessment.

The app is free to download and sample.

A subscription to the Big Cat Reading Assessment Tool costs £300 + VAT for 1 year of unlimited use, or £750 + VAT for 3 years of unlimited use. To subscribe, call customer services on 0844 576 8126.